Letter to the editor: Stop shouting!


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  1. America is infected with a disease. That disease is the worship of “experts.”

    One does not need to be a Ph.D. Professor of Alethiology to be able to say, accurately, someone is a liar. All one needs is the demonstrated facts.

    Multiple “experts” declared Vioxx “safe” and “effective.”

    Multiple “experts” designed the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

    Multiple “experts” told America that “masks are ‘not effective'” for we common folk months back, then abruptly changed that stance. Currently, the World Health Organization
    has a completely different stance on universal mask wearing: “At the present time, the widespread use of masks by healthy people in the community setting is not yet supported
    by high quality or direct scientific evidence and there are potential benefits and harms to consider.” “Expert” OPINION vs. “expert” OPINION.

    You speak about being “rude.” You know what’s worse than being rude? Being an abuser. Abusing people with dishonesty and imposing harm under color of “authority.” While you focus on the meaningless offense of improper Netiquette, those of us who see the harm – experience the harm – that the “public health orders” are doing to people, real, live people, those the corporate media choose not to showcase, know how pathetic your focus is.

    We don’t need to be a medical doctor to see the facts. We don’t need to be a doctorate-level mathematician to know 2 + 2 = 4. Although, in this new COVID-19(84) world, maybe
    2 + 2 = 5 if “experts” tell us it’s “essential” for us to believe.

    The shackles you speak of are man-made. No, I’m not referring to SARS-CoV-2 being allegedly genetically engineered. The shackles of the lockdown, including House Arrests
    and Flatten the Economy, were & are purely man-made…or, in this county, woman-made, via Soviet-style decrees. The virus is an excuse.

    Your smarminess betrays deep ignorance, or, perhaps, even, purposeful evil intent. You are obviously unaware, or want to ignore, the very real harm these “public health orders” have done to human beings. And please, spare us the horse excretion about “you want to kill people,” “you want to kill grandma.” You and I both know that COVID-19 is the most hyped “threat” of modern history, perhaps, all history. Real, actual “died FROM” COVID-19 fatalities are NOT exceeding the year-to-year average fatalities over the last 10 years. “Public health experts” publicly endorsing the BLM “protests” by the hundreds, tells us all we need to know about how much of a “threat” COVID-19 actually is.

    You tell us to be a “good citizen.” Da, comrade! On the contrary, being a good American means telling the truth, and calling out liars who are bent on controlling others for their own purposes.

    The “public health orders” will be over when We the People say they are over. Tens of millions can see perfectly clearly we’ve been had. The refusal to wear masks and stay in fear is NOT being “impolite” or “ignorant.” It’s an act of resistance to tyranny. Tyranny that has NOT proven its case. I’m pleased to see courageous sheriffs in several California counties told General Secretary Newsom they will not enforce Newsom’s unilateral decree about masks. Reimpose lockdown? I hope “the experts” and the “authorities” are prepared for much more than they’ve seen from the “peaceful protests” by BLM-Antifa. They may even want to study Nicolae Ceausesecu, who told Romanians he “loved” them and was “protecting” them. The Romanian People, shall we say, disagreed.

  2. Actually there was a man in Russia that died of farts. He was in a very well insulated room and the gas caused by the cabbage and beans he ate suffocated him. That being said. Wear = Care

  3. Well, Johnny Keyes, that was a condescending and arrogant diatribe that displayed more ignorance than understanding. Your presumptuousness is laughable. Just because you spend time with a medical dictionary doesn’t mean you know anything about health or disease, but you do know with a certainty that those of us who question the governmental diktat-du-jour barely know how to brush our teeth. You accuse people who appreciate normal human contact of wanting to huddle like Eskimos to keep warm. (I wonder how that enlightened statement would go over in an Inuit village.) How puerile! No, I will not “stay with” you or fill out your fatuous questionnaire. It’s a shame you didn’t spend as much time doing some serious research on both the COVID-19 statistics and the “experts” demanding complete relinquishment of not only our freedom to move about and breath fresh air, but our ability to THINK as well. You might have learned something. Your tedious rant offers nothing illuminating or factual, but here is a verifiable fact I’m offering to jump-start your education: Face masks are a health hazard due to (1) reducing the blood oxygen level and increasing carbon dioxide in the blood, and (2) forcing you to inhale the pathogens from your mouth into your sinuses and potentially into your brain. Health care workers and surgeons are the only persons who should be wearing a surgical mask, but you go right ahead and jeopardize your health if it makes you feel virtuous. I’ll continue to go about my day as if exposure to a virus might actually offer some immunity.

  4. Regarding masks! You all must realize that there are those people that are unable to wear masks! Do any of you know why? Bet you don’t! Well here’s why BECAUSE THERE ARE THOSE OF US WHO HAVE COPD AND CANNOT BREATHE WHEN WEARING THEM (Yes I am yelling because I am sick and tired of the dirty looks I get from all of you! There is a provision in the last part of the county’s order and it provides exclusion, one being if the mask blocks one breathing they are excluded from wearing them. I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. Now, did you all hear me????

  5. the letter about shouters disturbed me. i don’t think name calling helps at all. i understand the disquiet about people refusing to wear masks because i believe public health doctors who tell us that they are not a perfect answer but they are way better than moisture droplets flying without barrier toward me (a person of the age to be vulnerable to covid 19) and others (my son also has a compromised health condition).
    the response to shouters also disturbed me. it’s quite true that science gets hijacked by the profit motive all the time. nuclear power is a perfect example, but the statistic that more people have died from covid than any other cause cannot be refuted.
    it seems clear that what we all need to do is be united in the fight against this virus. life is different now and may never be normal again, but we have the power to minimize how extreme the difference will be. we need to be respectful of one another and kind. we are truly all in this together.

  6. Did any of you that responded actually read what he said?

    Here is a summary. If you want the country to reopen, follow the CDC recommended guidelines. Wear a mask, and maintain social distancing. If you disagree with this, then great, but he also recommended being considerate of others. Apparently this is not possible, and this is apparent seeing the personal attacks on the writer. WOW. Incredible.

    Is he really such a slime bag scum ball by trying to help you stay alive?

    And this…

    “His smarminess betrays deep ignorance, or, perhaps, even, purposeful evil intent”.

    Are you serious? Hannibal Lecter had purposeful evil intent. This guy? I don’t think so.

    or this…”I’ll continue to go about my day as if exposure to a virus might actually offer some immunity”. What complete and total idiocy!! I won’t forget to put flowers on your grave.

    It sounds like some of you think that Dr. Fauci is actually Dr. Kevorkian?

    And if you can’t wear a mask, then stay home. It sounds to some of you like he is telling you to breath through a bar straw. I believe in freedom of speech. But trying to kill the messenger won’t kill the message, and if you try to kill the message, then you really might just kill yourself in the process. It is your right to get sick and die if you want. I guess his asking for people to be polite is out of the question.

    Here….is this better?

    The world is really flat like a pancake. We do not need a vaccine. All we really need is some butter and maple syrup.
    Shooting up Clorox cures the virus. But don’t drink it. That might kill you.
    Shining a laser up your butt cures the virus, and is a great way to light up a party.
    Doing deep breathing exercises in the emergency room develops immunity.
    God will save you. If it’s God’s will, then so be it. Unless you have pissed God off. Then he won’t.
    Pigs can fly, and so can I. Pigs can fly faster though. They have a tail-wind.
    Brains are only for people that cannot think for themselves.
    “What Me Worry” should be our local motto.

    Alfred E. Neuman

    • Alfred E. Neuman. YOU are the one who failed to read what we posted and failed to follow through with any serious research on what is really happening. If you think a thoughtless, insulting diatribe gives you any legitimacy, guess again. Continue to cower behind your mask and your closed door if you think that will save you from the tyranny that is bearing down upon us, and don’t forget to bend over for the tracing vaccine.

      Can you not see that the enemy has become our own bodies and that only by following fake and arbitrary directives—distancing from other humans (unless we are up in arms over a political issue), spraying disinfectant on ourselves and everything we touch, covering the orifice of speech aka the mouth (unless we are shoveling food in or yelling about the aforesaid political issue)—only then can we ever be “safe” and only then will we be able to “communicate” with other icky, germ ridden biological entities, preferably through digital contact. Wake up and grow up!

      “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” ~ Samuel Adams

  7. You may quote Samuel Adams, but you have more in common with the beer than the politician.

    Wear a mask and stay distant from others. Or maybe get sick and die, and get others sick as well! Make sure to post here when you get sick. I give you 3 months, tops.

    The pandemic is a sickness spread by a brainless organism, and that brainless organism that is spreading sickness is what you see in the mirror.

    Alfred E.

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