Newsom allows reopening of churches, retail; Mendocino Co. will issue revised health order within week


14 thoughts on “Newsom allows reopening of churches, retail; Mendocino Co. will issue revised health order within week

  1. Gavin Newsom is a f$@king joke! He is going to tell people there guidelines for political protest, he is going to tell you how many people can assemble to protest or go to church? He can kiss my white ass he has no authority to impose these sanctions they are protected in the constitution of the United States (Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom to Assemble, The right to the pursuit of happiness)
    Not even the President can change these rights that are protected! Our founding fathers made it clear these right were guaranteed and if so taken we the people shall use the Second amendment to protect these liberties and remove the tyrants in power!
    Gavin Newsom better wake the hell up or we the people will stand together ready to use force if it comes to that and let me tell you were about one straw away from breaking the camels back and seeing the next revolutionary/civil war within our borders.
    Mr Governor you think you and your corrupt family (Pelosi) and people you have in your pocket ((Adam Schift, Schumer, etc) are safe and can imprison us , “Wrong Asshole)

    • I completely agree and this was my first thought to. Political protests are protected going back to the founding fathers.

      Newsom is totally disgusting and needs to be gone from office asap! I am just appalled at his smirky entitled attitude.

  2. I am and have been extremely appalled by the mask mandates. They do not take into account people with medical issues who have a difficult or impossible time using them.

    The issues don’t even stop at breathing they extend to mental health. For some masks are traumatic. They can conjure a whole range of mental health issues.

    In the mandates there are exemptions but these do not protect us. We get harassed and bared from commerce.

    I do not think these mandates have Benn thought through and they are complete oppression on a segment of society. It’s horrible.

    I would like to see masks be voluntary. Plenty of people will still use them and many who will use them will be the people more at risk for Covid.

    • The effects on folks are irrelevant to our rulers. Dispense with any idea they “care” about us. They don’t. If it helps, look up some of the old George Carlin commentary on government. He was right on, on so many things. We’re not part of their club.

      There are many folks who have trouble with masks for very legitimate reasons. And the inability to wear one continuously, denying them access to “essential” services, is itself a health risk. The “exceptions” are irrelevant, since most people are so terrified they can’t think straight, and perceive anyone not wearing a mask is a going to kill them on the spot. They simply don’t care about disabilities and respiratory illnesses precluding mask wearing, those without masks are “terrorists.”

      The American Way has always been about combating tyranny, in part because these “one size fits all” non-“solutions” by control freaks are harmful in themselves. Consent of the governed is the foundation of this country, or at least used to be, because the diversity that the left usually claims to laud (but not right now) means individuals need to have freedom of choice for what works for them. Authoritarianism is anti-human and evil.

  3. It’s absolutely crystal clear to anyone who retains their sanity that the “Democrats” are an existential threat to each one of us, to our country, and to our civilization. It doesn’t matter how corrupt Republicans may be. The Democrats are duplicitous and dissimulating on each and every issue. #BELIEVEWOMEN unless they accuse one of us. #RIGHTTOCHOOSE only if it involves murdering the unborn. #SUPPORTLABOR unless it interferes with our goal to wreck the economy, permanently, and beyond repair.

    Anyone who proclaims themselves a member of the Party of Preborn Infanticide – among other abominations – is every bit a threat to you, as was a Bolshevik to Russia & Eastern Europe in the 1920s through the 1950s. Act Accordingly. No more “cooperation.” No more “compliance.” Your life, and that of your family, depend upon it.

  4. I can not read these comments without getting really pissed off at the lack of anything inteligent. Law allows an elected official to halt activities that increase the dangers to any society. This is not as new as some of you seem to believe. How difficult is it for you to help halt the spread of a deadly virus? Do you need to see the body bags? Yes you do. You need to see the dead bodies and the families who can’t even say good bye. Ya know it will be you and yours next. Why? Cause you are too Damn lazy, stupid and arrogant to give a f about anybody except what? You will follow the moron in the white house no matter what even if it means walking over your own parents graves.

    • Dorothy, Dorothy, Dorothy!

      You make lots of assumptions. Your claims of we who are grounded in reality being “lazy,” “stupid,” and “arrogant” sure appear to be projections on your part.

      I’m sorry you’re unable or unwilling to recognize that inalienable rights exist, which are secured by the Bill of Rights. Many of them are secured by the Ninth Amendment. These rights do not exist because someone wrote them down, nor are they “granted” by government. These inalienable rights cannot be legislated or “ruled” away by control freak lawyers in business suits or black dresses, no matter how much they – or you – want them to go away. Among such rights are the right to self-determination of one’s own life, to make a living, to travel, to visit family and friends, TO LIVE.

      The enormously hyped threat of COVID-19 has proven to be a fraud. Does it kill people. It sure does – just like any virus. Does it kill people more readily than all other viruses? Absolutely not.

      YOU, Dorothy, are supporting rule by decree that is KILLING people right now. Your demand to “feel safe” is driving tens of thousands of folks to suicide or behaviors that lead to deaths from despair. You don’t care one bit about them, since you regard them as less than you. YOU are harming my Mom right now, by supporting anti-constitutional “orders” keeping her confined to her home. YOU are personally responsible, in part, for tens of millions of people out of work, in dire straits, with no money, no food, and soon, if not already, no housing. That’s on YOU.

      I’ve seen the body bags from the Hell-holes that are nursing homes. They’ve always been Hell-holes, and most gerontological professionals recognize sending someone there is a death sentence, virus or otherwise. I saw the body bags being buried in New York “mass graves,” only to quickly learn that those mass graves have been dug for 150 years! Typical media…yeah, the media, which creates the phony “reality” you live within. Have you gone down to a food line in one of the cities? I invite you to proudly go to one and tell those folks you think your demand to “feel safe” outweighs their need to feed their families.

      As for Trump, I never supported the guy, in part because I’ve always considered him a liar. After all, he “was” a lifelong liberal Democrat, until rebranding served his purposes. I also realize his antics on the WWE are his style; he’s acting in the White House exactly as expected. But really, are you in any position to criticize Trump when your candidate is a rapist and, also like Trump, a lifelong liar? I remember Biden having to drop out in 1988 over his collection of lies he told back then.

      Check yourself, dear Dorothy, before spewing out venom at us.

    • You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy, but I’m not sure which LaLaLand you inhabit. If it wouldn’t interfere too much with your staunch determination to avoid research into the facts, here is a brief video to help you begin to understand where, JC, Theodore, Silver, and I among others you denigrate are coming from, that is, if you can spare 18 minutes of your time:

    • I’m going to laugh when CalPERS collapses, along with most State services. Fortunately, 90% of those receiving or expecting benefits therefrom support those who destroyed it, along with the rest of California’s economy.

      You people are all about Karma. Enjoy it. I just wish those who didn’t want it didn’t have to suffer along with you Branch Covidian cultists.

    • Nuisance doesn’t even know the difference between a populous urban area and rural counties in the state he presumes to govern.

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