7 thoughts on “Remembering Elenah Elston (letter to the editor)

  1. Ele was a amazing friend and the world was touched by her presence if I can help with anything let me know

  2. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW THIS HAPPENED?? WHY DIDNT ANYONE DO SOMETHING TO PROTECT HER FROM THAT PIECE OF SHIT?? It sounds like most of her friends & family knew she was being abused?? I just dont get it!! THE BASTARD NEEDS THE SAME THING DONE TO HIM EXCEPT MUCH MUCH SLOWER!! It sounds like we lost a very beautiful soul because of this less than human that claimed to LOVE HER!! He will get what he deserves while hes in prison for sure!! RIP ELENA!!

  3. This is so tragic…. I cant even believe it…. she really was a genuine kind soul and energy was flowing…. taken too early.
    RIP champ!

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