Is a tobacco shop essential? (letter to the editor)


11 thoughts on “Is a tobacco shop essential? (letter to the editor)

    • Learn to respect other people’s choices.

      Note my other comment: I am NOT a fan of tobacco.

    • People are dying out there and you’re more concerned with your tobacco ADDICTION. What a joke.

  1. None of these anti-constitutional “orders” are based on reason or science. They’re totally subjective, and, self-evidently, used to push a personally-valued social agenda, as well. Hence, why abortions are “essential,” but tobacconists are not. We “all know” that smoking is “inherently evil.”

    I’ll be honest, I don’t like tobacco smoke, and avoid it as much as possible. However, during this crisis, I’m very much in favor of getting people through this situation as comfortably as possible, and my personal bias against tobacco does not dissuade me in supporting people being able to get the things they need to help them affect that. So, yeah, people should have access to nicotine sources right now. This is no time for a “social agenda.” Oh, wait, this entire COVID-19(84) Plandemic IS a “social agenda.”

    • Thank you friend, you’re indeed a well-spoken gentleman, wished I’d got you to write my editorial.
      Fair is as Fair does I’d like to buy you a coffee after this is all blown over.

  2. My name is David Wolf and I approve of this editorial comment. I wrote this piece knowing full well that many people would misunderstand, get up on their soapbox and be self-ritious. And that others would be likely to look down they’re holy noses and give me unsolicited advice. That’s fair and each to his own, I say.
    But I know there must be somewhere that we can meet up, sure not political, how about as Americans? Nope, that’s shot too, there seems to be 330 million different definitions. Hey! How about human, the root of being humane?
    Times are tough! I’m pissed cuz I thought I’d be spending my latter years kind of coasting along to the end, well no. Turns out I got to be lonesome and worried about toilet paper, who’d a’ thought?
    It’s not like I’m down on the street corner by the high school looking cool so your kids start taking up cigarettes or something, I wish I’d never started.
    I’m just asking you to have a heart. We ain’t hurting nobody and it’s hurting us. Please reconsider, thank you.
    BTW, you might doubt me, and I don’t blame you if you do, but I usta have been a english Seizure, I mean Teacher dammit. You got to know how to do it right before you can break it well.

  3. Best if people mind their own business. If someone wants to smoke and they’re considerate of others, it’s nobody’s business but their own.

  4. I have witnessed tobacco consumers experience extremely severe physical withdrawal symptoms when unable to access cigarettes. It would be cruel and unusual to further inconvenience people by forcing them to pay extra to maintain their habit especially during these novel uncertain times. The trepidation and anxiety are palpable.

  5. I’m with you! It’s wrong at this time to deny essential comforts. People on lockdown need them and to those who feel superior – they are just wrong. Like it or not the habit does mitigate anger. I work with the public. Trust me my habit alone has saved at least 200 lives , whether or not that’s a favor to society could be debated.

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