One thought on “Covid-19 FAQ: Some facts about the coronavirus

  1. SOME of the above information is useful. Some of it is NOT. Speculation and “belief.” For example:

    “Wasn’t SARS-CoV-2 created in a lab?
    Modern science has a lot of tools to map genomes, and in organisms such as viruses, track their evolution, which is how we know SARS-CoV-2 wasn’t created in a lab. We know it came from a bat. What we don’t know is how it made the leap from bats to humans.”

    NO, we don’t “know” it came from a bat. That’s one theory. And we especially do NOT “know” it was not engineered. The University of North Carolina worked on “gain of function” genetic manipulation of Coronavirus years back, and this is part of the published literature. I give thanks to UIUC Professor Francis Boyle for first making me aware of it. Some of the team at UNC were Chinese, and worked later at, guess where – the Wuhan Institute.

    The information about “HIV-like mutations” within the SARS 2 genome is not seriously in dispute. Whether it actually evolved, or was “put there” is the only debate. If it were acknowledged that it was engineered in would cause mass panic (“Airborne AIDS”), and that’s why I suspect we have the spewing “experts” outright dismissing the theory without honest analysis.

    So much about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 we truly do not yet know. Some of it we may never know, including just how it arose and attacked the world. We can only deal with what we SEE, not speculation, not “belief.” Anyone who says we “know” in this matter likely doesn’t. Educated guess? Logical projection? Sure. But not “know.”

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