8 thoughts on “Mendocino Public Health confirms 4th case of COVID-19

  1. “Information on the person is sparse, in keeping with medical privacy regulations…”


    HIPAA has exceptions for a variety of things, including “national security” and “public health.” Telling the people of Mendocino County essential details is not only permitted, but inarguably wise.

  2. i came upon your site by accident when looking for info about the virus in this county. i’m glad i did. your coverage has more detail, all useful, then all the TV that we’ve watched trying to figure what best to do. thank you.

  3. People more likely to follow rules if know virus is in their town. Don’t believe this would violate privacy rules or shouldn’t in this pandemic.

  4. Anybody can be a carrier and we should all respond with that knowledge. Knowing where the person lives does not really change that fact. I totally understand what Linda wrote on the March 31st post but do not agree with it . Shelter in place is the best thing to do, for yourself and for others.

  5. What is the infection rate in Gualala and Sea Ranch
    I have a home there and was planning on going there at end of April

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