4 thoughts on “Cal Fire completes 223 acre prescribed burn west of Ukiah (updated 3/6)

  1. Controlled burns are stupid. The reason they are done is because they don’t want to put people on the ground to manually do the work. Of course, the woodlands are destroyed by the logging, and the Earth attempts to cover itself with a succession of plant growth. You call it brush. The corporate rape of the forests is, therefore, the cause of vast deforestation and subsequent elimination of rainfall. Leaving healing in the hands of corporate rapists is no solution. All logging operations must stop. Don’t you idiots know that worldwide deforestation is fueling climate change? Do you listen to others than your corporate managers? There is a world body of information out there telling you that all destruction of forests must stop if the planet is to survive. This county and this state are run by urban morons who have torn the land to shriveled pieces of what once was a vast coastal forest that now is no more. Forestry is a farce. There are no forests left in California, only woodlands. Do you know the difference? If the world is in the hands of denatured humans, then nature gets destroyed to make redundant industrial goods, including ticky tacky wooden houses that constantly need repair. Aren’t there any progressives among you?

    • Without wind the vegetation does not burn very easily right now. I have worked on control burns in the past and they need wind.

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