3 thoughts on “Supervisor John Haschak: Letter to Constituents, September, 2019 (opinion)

  1. Again, my district’s county supe speaks for me! Good work and good visioning, John!

    Mr. Haschak is in tune not only with his constituency, but also with the tenor of the times: the big corporations are killing hope, reason, and democracy.

  2. Thank you John Haschak for taking a principled approach to the cannabis future with small farms’ survival at the heart of your Cannabis Co-op counter proposal to the corporate model. The Enterprise Zone corporate model proposal is the direction it’s heading with small to medium craft cannabis largely aced out of the future. The overwhelming majority of small farms have been organized for a decade “collectively or cooperatively to enhance access to medical marijuana” under SB420 with then AG Jerry Brown’s closed loop rules. SB420 is one of only two medical marijuana friendly statutes so we took it seriously since it paid attention to how we actually live and grow. This established the cannabis community in patient associations run collectively or cooperatively with some semblance of legal protection under conditions of prohibition. Many small gardens are actually home-grows and should not be subject to regulation, comparable to home-brew, with 100 gallons per person/200 per household permitted per year (for parties or whatever). Similar with weed. It is not unusual to go into a small cannabis household and discover their special medicine chest of homemade salves, topicals, tinctures and the like, non-commercial for home use. This should be a special protected category under the radar of no concern to government or law enforcement.

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