Timber sale from Ranch Fire in Mendocino National Forest


2 thoughts on “Timber sale from Ranch Fire in Mendocino National Forest

  1. Hello my name is Lorie and I am a 63yr.old disabled woman. Can you please tell me if Redwood Valley is scheduled for a 3 day black out this week. I have my well that is not going to be able to pump water and I have 8 dogs. I don’t think I will be able to find a motel that will allow them. Plus I will loose a freezer full of meat and other food.;I won’t be able to use my toilet. I live on 348.00 a month and cannot afford a motel. I am sure that no motel is going to allow 8 dogs. I can’t seem to get ahold of anyone else who might know if PG&E is actually going to be blacked out this week.

    • You should sign up for notifications from PG&E and you will receive notices when they plan a shutdown. There are currently no plans for any specific shutdown date for Mendocino County for this week as of now.

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