County employees’ union calls for freeze on management raises


One thought on “County employees’ union calls for freeze on management raises

  1. Much of what “opinion” said is true but not all of it and I wish they would be clear and give all of the facts. They left out some important details. Management is a very broad category. For Example: The Management Association is a small middle management group made up of about 60 employees. We self represent in salary negotiations, complaints and everything else. We got the same 3% raise that SEIU got. There were a few exceptions as noted above and those were for the purposes of recruitment (Public Defender and Ag Commissioner.)
    On average, the managers make 27% less than our counterparts in other counties. The Management Association is anxiously awaiting the results of those Classification and Compensation Studies. I am a strong supporter of unions and workers. But I do not want the Management Association to be lumped into the same category as other management. It distorts the facts to provide one or 2 incidences and not provide the context. The real issue has to do with how people feel about the CEO and the BOS taking another raise. This on the heals of telling us all that we are going to “Turn the Ship Around” as a new leadership style.

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