3 thoughts on “Huffman responds to Trump’s remarks on California fires, threat to cut funding

  1. This a state issue not a federal issue ! Gov. Brown and the liberals, Democrats are the ones responsible for the wildfires by not letting the forest service do their jobs. While the liberals wanted to protect the owls…. we lost a whole lot more ! California needs to step up to the plate and stop asking the rest of America to take care of us ! Especially when California can’t even respect the federal government and what they are doing to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !

    • Lynn, are you from California? We didn’t cut funding for the Forest Service. The owls have been safe for a long time since we started making sure they had a place to live, and there is still lots of trees for lumber. California has a better financial footing than the USA government. The USA is great, because of diversity and hard work, America is a continental distinction, we live in the United States of America, Canada is America, Central America is America, South America is America. We share the American continent with all of these countries.

  2. Lets share the blame. Phos-Chek had the foresight to hire three senior US Forest Service retirees. Phos-Chek patented a gum thickened retardant. Four months after the patent was approved, the US Forest Service changed the specification to match the Phos-Chek patent. The price of the retardant tripled – even higher now. In 2017 the number 1 vendor for all wildland fire expenditures was ICL who owned Phos-Chek at the time. ICL sold Phos-Chek to a group of investment bankers for around $800 million, but I digress.

    Phos-Chek does not extinguish fires. Phos-Chek is responsible for fish kills. Phos-Chek has a sole source contract with the Federal Government and it also has a sole source contract with California. As a fall back, USFS regulations will not allow any chemical other than retardant to be used in a large air tanker,

    Phos-Chek supports the entire complex that fights wildland fires. Phos-Chek requires ground crews and mixing bases. Mixing bases cost $4,000 to $10,000 per day per base.

    Phos-Chek requires aircraft and helicopters – I can’t even begin to do the math on what these cost to operate and fuel.

    Because Phos-Chek doesn’t put out fires (National Interagency Fire Center Talking Points and CalFire Talking Points), it slows fires down so that fire fighters on the ground can extinguish the fires. In California, they have dropped retardant in front of fires that have had up to 11,000 fire fighters and 1,000 engines on the ground – and there was no improvement of the results because of retardant. Add catering, showers, tent cities, ground equipment (dozers etc.) to support the ground fire fighters and it is easy to see that the root cause of the explosion in firefighting costs is Phos-Chek.

    The sole source contract means that other cheaper, more effective chemicals cannot be used. Solve this at the Federal level and the savings spread to California.

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