Ukiah High teacher arrested on charges of “annoying or molesting a child under 18”


2 thoughts on “Ukiah High teacher arrested on charges of “annoying or molesting a child under 18”

  1. Suit and tie are dead give aways that he is a creep. Who is he dressing to impress?
    Many male teachers in Mendocino County are known pervs and creeps… This does not surprise me, Mendocino is full of diddlers and adults who prey on children as sex objects. Lock him up, obviously he dresses like a young womanizer… Never trust a man in a suit, suits are always used to fool others into thinking one is more important or wealthy…. Never trust a man in Mendocino in a suit for sure

  2. Wow someone really did a number on you’d didn’t they. Your accusation about men in suits is quite funny. But we all have the right to feel how we choose let me explain something to y’all I had him as a teacher and we’ll to be honest I hated him I chew tobacco and smoked pot at the time he was the only teacher who could catch me or tell if I had a chew in it was high and I would always mess with him wait for him to leave the room and fuck with his things, there was multiple times I was in there and he didn’t know and a female student came in and asked about something related to his class. He had every chance to say something or do something and never did and that happen multiple times

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