Ranch and River fires, of the Mendocino Complex, have NOT merged — the fires remain separate


7 thoughts on “Ranch and River fires, of the Mendocino Complex, have NOT merged — the fires remain separate

  1. Ironically, this morning the map, https://projects.sfchronicle.com/2018/fire-tracker/, appears to show that the two fires have merged. We are experiencing a battle between journalism and public relations, and while it is possible that the station reported the merge before it occurred, Cal-Fire has been dribbling out information and has been less than truthful on several occasions. It is obvious to all that are math literate that the numbers provided by Cal-Fire in regards to containment percentages do not compute with the verifiable facts; therefore, an in depth investigation of the decision making process from the top down, that includes a full financial audit, should be undertaken as soon as the emergency subsides.

    • Our reporters have also driven through the area several times since this article was published.

  2. Good work Adrian and the Mendocino Voice. Cal Fire and large media orgs sure seem determined to misrepresent the Ranch and River fires as being ONE fire so they can hype it up as being the largest in state history.

  3. hey there, just noticed that this mendo voice article was referenced in the NYTimes California daily digest we get…..good work, and great publicity for all your hard work reporting this!

  4. Although this fire retained it’s “complex”name, some fires that are two separate fires to begin with and subsequently merge take on the compound name, i.e., the Rodeo/Chedeski fire in Arizona’s “Rim Country” that burned 450,000+ acres (no typo), a dozen plus years ago.

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