Let’s start a Poor People’s Campaign for Mendo (opinion)


3 thoughts on “Let’s start a Poor People’s Campaign for Mendo (opinion)

  1. I think this is a great idea. But, what about the farmers markets elsewhere in the county, especially on the coast? This article talks about the 7 farmers markets in the county, but only mentions the Ukiah farmers market for this program. I will likely chip in, but would love to hear that the other farmers markets will start a ‘food-stamp’ matching program like this, if they haven’t already (I know they take EBT).

    • I think right now the market match program is organized by each individual market location, and so our columnist is trying to raise funds for the Ukiah market — but that’s a good question and we will look into it.

    • I believe that each market or each market manager needs to organize the matching funds that will be available for that particularly market. Our columnist is working with the Ukiah market manager and hoping to create a successful model/example that other markets in the county can implement. If you live on the coast, maybe ask the market manager for Fort Bragg or Mendocino about what the market match program looks like for this year.

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