Law enforcement raids store in Laytonville


5 thoughts on “Law enforcement raids store in Laytonville

  1. Rumor around town is they sold cannabis products to minors and they didn’t have a permit to sell such products in the first place. Also heard they might have been selling a lot more than ganja…

  2. Why such a waste of taxpayers dollars to bust one peaceful single person. Like they really needed swat team and chp and all this, cannabis is legal….. Hello!!!! Why such a waste to go after a simple violation? Laytonville is ran by cannabis dollars, why dont the Sheriff Department go solve these missing persons crime, homicides, robberies, home invasions, seems they are just after the assett forfeiture money……. They need a new direction in solving crimes, what a waste of resources, time and money. Meanwhile the real criminals sell meth and heroine unbotgered at all the local Willits Bars, Mexican Cartels working the bar scene in Willits in broad day light and every night……. Where are the priorities….. Focused on pot still and stealing money from cannabis farmers…. Same old game in Mendoland

  3. Yes Waste, cannabis is legal if you pay the piper in the form of taxes and permits. Law Enforcement has turned into state and local revenue collection agents. Also, there is no money going after meth and heroin. Those folks have little in the form of asset forfeiture.

  4. The previous two comments were written by Bryan edward Mcbeth from honeydew ca. He used my name silvia Lara solares and is writing nonsense.. I finally have gotten away from him yet he is determined to ruin my chances at moving on from his negativity and lies.

    I hardly knew the owner of this smoke shop in laytonville. Im sorry for the family and I send my condonlences. I didn’t know the owner of this store personally.

    Bryan Mcbeth has been diagnosed with parinoia schizophrenic and is violent and rich with family money. He feels some type of way about me and sadly doesnt care that the nights he spends dwelling on negativity and regurgitating his thoughts are not helpful and are hurtful to people

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