Sheriff to supes “marijuana has to be reeled in” (opinion)


9 thoughts on “Sheriff to supes “marijuana has to be reeled in” (opinion)

  1. Law enforcement has no place in industry. You missed your own point here; only 580 growers have come in out of the dark PRECISELY because the Sheriff has far too much involvement in the industry’s management and regulation. Not to mention, Mendocino has a history of putting together registration systems for growers and then exploiting them for easy raids.

    You are not reigning in growers. You are only harming your possibility of having the fastest growing industry in the world be a tax paying giant in your county. There is no other industry in the world that has to deal with a law enforcement interference like the Emerald Triangle does with cannabis.

    Oh, and all over the country, all over the world, community leaders are falling all over themselves to encourage cannabis businesses. Here, we ask the Sheriff to raid growers in an editorial. Adding in the ever fail safe “greed is bad” BS. Only cannabis growers aren’t allowed to earn as much money as possible. Are all of the grow stores selling soil and nutrients and greenhouses greedy? Supermarkets in Mendocino charging $10 a lb for free range organic chicken. Are they greedy? More sideV’s are sold in the Emerald Triangle than anywhere else in the US. Greedy?

    And let’s not forget the most important thing:

    In the Emerald Triangle, we have some of the highest paid law enforcement agents in the entire United States of America. So, when you call the sheriff to go raid somebody, remember that the team that goes out on a raid will be making boatloads of taxpayer money, far more than your average cop, fireman, nurse or teacher. Are they greedy too?

  2. Jim, you have your facts wrong, under the new ordinance we are no longer held to a plant count, it is a square footage law. One person could grow 1,000,000 plants for a collective of patients legally in mendocino county. Read the Ordinance No. 4381. Same law will apply with the new state MAUCRSA
    Rules that will come into affect in 2018. Plant counts are a thing of the past for legal growers, we need to get past the prohibition era of thinking every cannabis grower is doing something wrong.

    • correct you are, ‘Facts. Jim, this is the future. Try and know what the hell you’re talking about, if you consider yourself a journalist. Horrible piece,here and the observer, because you dont know what the real ordinance is. Read it first. Deal with it, and do some damn research.

  3. “The same holds true for the District Attorney who weighed in at an earlier BOS meeting, when he reminded them that under the pot ordinance an individual could grow no more than 100 plants.” – misinformation of the worst kind. We are no longer living in the dark ages of prohibition framed plant count. According to the new ordinance permitted Mendocino operators can legally cultivate hundreds to thousands of small plants that collectively account for limits of plant canopy of 2500, 5k or 10k sq ft., depending on zoning & acreage provisions. This is common practice for the light deprivation style of cultivation, quickly becoming industry standard.

    Secondly, the deluge of black market product is sold in the black market, not the regulated market. The regulated market has zero to do with the black market, and frankly the glut on the black market only makes the regulated market increasingly more viable. As soon as there are state licenses, the capacity for grey market “215” cannabis to be sold to dispensaries will abate, and the legal outlets will be exclusive to permitted, licensed, tested product.

    Thirdly, if Mendocino County wants to see a greater amount of operators signing up for permitting, education & support is what needs to be offered by county agencies – not enforcement threats and unreasonable compliance demands. The vast majority of Ma & Pa operators are CONFUSED & SCARED, and carrying decades of internalized experience as a marginalized demographic of the drug war. The federal climate is threatening, there is no banking for operators, and businesses can’t even run solid financial projections because the whole industry & regulatory situation is in flux. All of these regulatory programs are pilot programs, and regulatory agencies need to offer our heritage cannabis farmers TIME & SUPPORT to transition or Mendocino County will suffer a terrible cultural & economic collapse.

  4. Jim you should take the time to read the new ordinance local and state so you don’t continue to make a fool of yourself carrying on about nonexistent plant restrictions as it’s now restricted by square footage. If you want to quote the DA you should be ringing alarm bells that he seemingly doesn’t know the new law. If MCSO and the DA don’t understand or are unwilling to recognize the new law and go after farms in the AG program large lawsuits are guaranteed to follow. The one thing you do get right is that grows not going through the licensing program should be eradicated.

  5. Jim,
    It’s also funny you think a Crack down is coming, the government has been trying to squash the pot growers around here for decades. I like how you use your newspaper to try to scare these “mega growers” maybe you should define mega growers? It’s such a broad and lame term to use, maybe your newspaper is a mega paper? Maybe Laytonville is a mega town? It’s funny how you try to say we need legalization but now you call people out for being mega growers. Maybe you should only sell 25 papers a week and see where it gets you? You print crappy pictures in the paper about people that are supposedly breaking the law but you actually don’t know the law. Many people you put down in your paper have lived here for decades, maybe longer then you.

  6. This “editor” is nothing more than a hack for the county. Marijuana is a fucking medicinal PLANT that ANYBODY can grow, , and all this idiot cares about is protecting some mom and pop ‘already established” businesses and sicing the code enforcers on people with greenhouses which I find DRACONIAN! He talks a lot of one sided bias and all it boils down to is MONEY. black market hurting the little guy? Huh?? Wtf? It’s a MEDICINAL PLANT and this fool loses sight of that.

  7. mendocino county and its residents should be more concerned about the water usage from these types of grows, as jim seems to be. i know for a fact that one of the biggest growers in the laytonville area have an illegal well for their pond that irrigates their 10k sqft marijuana grow. they operate under the guise of small farmers, but have 8 seperate 10k sqft grows. these are the people putting the small mom and pop farmers out of business.

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