Wolf pack with pups found in Lassen County; one wolf collared by Fish & Wildlife


4 thoughts on “Wolf pack with pups found in Lassen County; one wolf collared by Fish & Wildlife

  1. As anyone with livestock in Mendocino county already knows, we have a huge coyote population that can be devastating to ranchers. If and when the wolves make it to Mendo, it will become essential that all ranches have capable livestock guardian dogs. The Komondor is credited with running the wolves out of Hungary, and it appears they may get to show off their skills in Mendo, as well.

  2. Livestock based operatons cover 45% of dry land on earth. Livestock farming is a huge subsidized waste. It ruins the natural environment, it has proven to have decimated the Buffalo and Indigenous Culture. We work way to hard to make food when it could all be right there, naturally forming in nature. The US fish and wildlife services kills millions of wild animals annually, to assist ranchers. US fish and wildlife services uses cyanide traps that often kill home dogs and pets. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/02/160212-Wildlife-Services-predator-control-livestock-trapping-hunting/ …More over livestock farming teaches a cruel way to the next generation. A way of forced impregnation/rape, dividing mom cows from baby at birth to procure milk. Killing male calves and chick’s and the overall killing is not a healthy or a normal type of job. All this killing and cages has streamed downed to what we see now with prisons, police misconduct and war.

  3. Not all livestock operations kill predators or use poison, that is the reason for guardian dogs. Working in balance with nature keeps everyone safe. Small organic farms are the past and the future, and in order for our county to thrive and survive, the community needs to support each other and build local food systems. While I would like to believe that the Mendocino Environmental Center means well with their comment, extrapolating facts and assuming they apply to all farms is pure ignorance.

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