Playing by the rules: cannabis taxes and fees (opinion)


2 thoughts on “Playing by the rules: cannabis taxes and fees (opinion)

  1. Anyone who is crying about 8-12 units to cover administration business costs has never caught a court case. Being busted for illegal cultivation is the “120% tax”… they take everything and then some more. In the “pay to play”
    scheme of things this is far from unreasonable… of course there will be other expense to come into compliance but on an annual fee schedule this pretty realistic IMHO.

  2. This is going to put a lot of people out of business. Only the big guys will be able to stay. The margins are terrible with the costs of production, Compliance fees and taxes and prices dropping, there is going to be little left in profits. Only the big producers will be able to stay, but I guess that was the plan all along. Very not fair. Reminds me of when big ag took over the family farm. How many family farms were left? Not many.

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