2 thoughts on “What does legal weed mean for the Triangle? Canna-leaders weigh in.

  1. Hmmm, seems a 6 one way 6 the other.
    Compliance is another cost before the cost of fees.
    Not to mention, what will the farmer be paid.
    All they really know is the tax thru will pay?

  2. Lol!!! There is Nothing good about KARL WITT partial owner of EDEN FARMS!!! He’s a criminal, a thief,a liar and an all around narcissistic ?. Karl Witt owner of Eden farms has robbed his workers the last 2 years in a row while accusing them of robbing him. He is an ignorant, violent, dabbed out meth and heroin user; an opportunistic pathological liar. Anyone who says “Eden Farms” is “good” is a lying bastard and should absolutely not be trusted.

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