Sheriff Surprises Growers with Inspections


4 thoughts on “Sheriff Surprises Growers with Inspections

  1. Law enforcement unions exist to justify and protect their jobs. That’s the bottom line, and this is true for all bureaucracies.
    As long as Federal agencies hold drugs as dangerous and illegal, as the DEA does with Cannabis, busts will happen and jails will be filled on an “as needed” basis; and the Economic Wheel will grind on… and over all of us.
    People who think our Law Enforcement employees work for any other reason than the perpetuation of their paychecks are sorely deceived. Contrary to what our parents taught us, cops are NOT our friends. Truth does NOT prevail.
    Only Mendocino Sheriff Tony Craver saw it differently; he believed in his oath to protect the Constitution against ALL enemies, within and without. And I believe that viewpoint is what drove him from office: the constant undermining of his righteous attitude by the badge-heavy career malcontents in his own department.
    Here in Mendocino, Cannabis farmers have been betrayed over and over in the effort to “get legal.” This latest tidbit is neither new nor surprising. (Although cop-action being triggered by “rumor” is a novel admission.)
    When Cannabis regulation mimics the regulation of the Cattle and Grape industries, justice will be served. af

  2. I admired Sheriff Craver as well, but I think you are over generalizing when you maintain that all other law enforcement employees in the county are just working for a paycheck. Some, no doubt, but not all. Do you hold the local growers to the same standard? I wouldn’t presume that most are doing it for altruistic reasons. Some are clearly only in it for the money. The Economic Wheel grinds on. I don’t expect legalization will change that either.

  3. It was way nicer around here 20 years ago when weed was actually illegal & before all the outsiders came in and ruined everything.

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