An Interview With Supervisor Woodhouse


5 thoughts on “An Interview With Supervisor Woodhouse

  1. I am shocked that a representative of Mendocino County is so against it’s main income base and has basically called many inhabitants selfish and worse. The “selfish” growers tried very hard to ask for self-regulation and the county limped along with a combatant and negating view. Who appoints two anti-cannabis folks onto committee to help regulate the biggest industry in the county? Thank you ? For what? The growers drafted their own initiative document because the county would not come forth. This ridiculous finger pointing and defaming from a realtor who happily took his income as a realtor selling to cannabis growers is a bit inane.
    His contention that the BOS salaries should be higher is nothing I support at this time.
    I do concur on the CEO’s strangle hold on county politics and progression and the need for a mental health facility.
    I’m sorry he collapsed under the pressure of the job but it is not in any way shape or form alright to insult community members who have tried so hard to come forth and participate in the regulatory process. I think his hate of a huge portion of our county residents is repressive, antiquated and economically disastrous.

  2. Tom, I hope you realize you were elected by people who think the same as you are speaking here. Keep your honor and kindness and you will always have that backing. Anyone else is welcome to jump on board but no one will jump off if you keep your voted for morals.The prior HHS Director was getting 10% raises to a six figure salary while the workers lost pay. How is that even possible?

  3. This guy is a joke. Lecturing growers about getting real jobs, when he doesn’t show up for his own! Really wish the journalist who interviewed him had asked more questions. Sounds like he summoned Mendo Voice to make a self serving press release. Why wasn’t he asked why he’s been absent from his job for months? Why is a one sentence statement from his family that he has an illness acceptable? I would lose my job if I behaved the way he does. Where is the outrage? This arrogant blowhard needs to get back to work, or be removed from the board. Shame on him and all who blindly support this elected official who WONT SHOW UP TO WORK!

    • Those questions were asked, there is a line in the story indicating that he declined to comment, and there are a few quotes from him where he describes his absence. In the interest of providing a venue of the free flow of information we gave Supervisor wide latitude in this interview. We also run letters to the editor if people want to comment on the interview. We were also the first publication to verify and break the news of his arrest, followed up with additional reporting, and continue to work on the story. We are not giving him special treatment, but we do think that public officials should be heard. If someone wants to speak against him, we would run that as well.

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