Grist Creek asphalt plant dismantled, lawsuits persist

MENDOCINO CO., 5/18/17 — The Grist Creek asphalt plant located on Highway 162 has been dismantled over the last week, though multiple lawsuits concerning the plant’s operations continue to make their way through the court system. Ongoing lawsuits centered on the plant include those filed by a local environmental group, Friends of Outlet Creek, alleging environmental damages caused by the site’s location and operations, a lawsuit filed by the Mendocino Air Quality Management District concerning public health violations and fines that have yet to be settled, and a claim filed by plant owner Brian Hurt against Mendocino County alleging damages caused by county employees. Neighbors reported, during the past week, that the plant had been dismantled. Today, May 18, a reporter for The Voice visited the site and confirmed that the asphalt equipment has indeed come down. The asphalt plant, which occupied the same location as the Grist Creek Aggregates gravel facility, was in intermittent operation from September, 2015 until April, 2016, although plant operations were not continuous due to public health violations, ongoing legal actions, and closure due to unfavorable weather conditions.