Summer 2020: Changes coming to membership and newsletters

Some good changes are coming to the way you interact with The Mendocino Voice. As of summer 2020, we are switching up both our membership and newsletter sign-up tools. We heard your complaints about pop-ups and payment platforms (ahem, Patreon) and we hope this new service — Pico — will make it more simple to access and support local journalism you value.

Some background on why this is happening: We first started receiving memberships using Memberful, then switched to Patreon. We also get contributions through PayPal and checks. We upload those names into MailChimp, our newsletter service. Keeping it all organized was a pain — and we know some of those tools have been a source of frustration for you, too. Pico will help us and you keep track of contributions and newsletter subscriptions in one place.

If you are a member of newsletter subscriber, you get a number of requests from us in your inbox — one about adding your email address to Pico so it knows if you’re an existing newsletter subscriber, and several about moving over your payment information. We know this is annoying, and are grateful for your patience.

Please be on the lookout for these emails. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to [email protected]‬.