20 thoughts on “Mendocino Co. COVID cases at 98 — 6 more cases announced today, July 7

  1. I am more worried about the local economy destroyed than a few new “cases”. Stop the fear mongering.

    • Note that the headlines always make it look as if the sum total were all CURRENT cases, instead of most of them being past history or near the end of the isolation period. Furthermore, if someone tests positive (assuming the tests can be trusted), but is asymptomatic, that’s not really a “case” of COVID-19 any more than all the people in the county who are carrying the virus but don’t know it because they have no symptoms.

  2. Politco Headline: “Suddenly, Public Health Officials Say Social Justice Matters More Than Social Distance”

    “We should always evaluate the risks and benefits of efforts to control the virus,” Jennifer Nuzzo, a Johns Hopkins epidemiologist, tweeted on Tuesday. “In this moment the public health risks of not protesting to demand an end to systemic racism greatly exceed the harms of the virus.”

    You’ve been CONNED, boys & girls, on a level unimaginable to any sane mind. The destruction of America’s economy? Unnecessary…and deliberate. The House Arrests? Just testing you, to see how much you’ll tolerate.

    • It’s a miracle! The formerly deadly virus that required shutting down businesses, quarantining healthy people and wearing face coverings every time we snuck out of hiding has been defeated by a social cause. Okay, so now can we drop the pretense, or will those of us who never bought into the scamdemic still be accused of killing people by our crass indifference to human life?

  3. “Open letter advocating for an anti-racist public health response to demonstrations against systemic injustice occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic” (Google it)

    “However, as public health advocates, we do not condemn these gatherings as risky for COVID-19 transmission. We support them as vital to the national public health and to the threatened health specifically of Black people in the United States. We can show that support by facilitating safest protesting practices without detracting from demonstrators’ ability to
    gather and demand change. This should not be confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay-home orders.”

    That letter was signed by hundreds of so-called “experts” who put politics before science, or, more specifically, their “science” serves politics.

    Your community, your country, your civilization are under attack – literal war is being waged on them, on us – right now by those will lie without inhibition, who will create a hoax so vast to be almost unbelievable. Obviously, the COVID-19(84) Plandemic was a near-total FRAUD upon us, and these implicit admissions are now conclusive.

    Act accordingly. A new Civil War has been forced upon us.

  4. The article, posted 6/11/2020, says 36 people have recovered but the chart says 32 have recovered. Which is the truth?

    • You won’t get truth from “the authorities” or System-dependent “experts.” Only the data that “fits.”

  5. What is striking about the reactions to the apparatuses of exception that have been put in place in our country (and not only in this one) is the inability to observe them beyond the immediate context in which they seem to operate. Rare are those who attempt to interpret them as symptoms and signs of a broader experiment — as any serious political analysis would require — in which what is at stake is a new paradigm for the governance of men and things. Already in a book published seven years ago, now worth rereading carefully (Tempêtes microbiennes, Gallimard 2013), Patrick Zylberman described the process by which health security, hitherto on the margins of political calculations, was becoming an essential part of state and international political strategies. At issue is nothing less than the creation of a sort of “health terror” as an instrument for governing what are called “worst case scenarios.” It is according to this logic of the worst that already in 2005 the World Health Organization announced “2 to 150 million deaths from bird flu approaching,” suggesting a political strategy that states were not yet ready to accept at the time. Zylberman shows that the apparatus being suggested was articulated in three points: 1) the construction, on the basis of a possible risk, of a fictitious scenario in which data are presented in such a way as to promote behaviors that allow for governing an extreme situation; 2) the adoption of the logic of the worst as a regime of political rationality; 3) the total organization of the body of citizens in a way that strengthens maximum adherence to institutions of government, producing a sort of superlative good citizenship in which imposed obligations are presented as evidence of altruism and the citizen no longer has a right to health (health safety) but becomes juridically obliged to health (biosecurity).

    What Zylberman described in 2013 has now been duly confirmed. It is evident that, apart from the emergency situation, linked to a certain virus that may in the future be replaced by another, at issue is the design of a paradigm of governance whose efficacy will exceed that of all forms of government known thus far in the political history of the West. If already, in the progressive decline of ideologies and political beliefs, security reasons allowed citizens to accept limitations on their liberty that they previously were unwilling to accept, biosecurity has shown itself capable of presenting the absolute cessation of all political activity and all social relations as the maximum form of civic participation. Thus it was possible to see the paradox of organizations of the left, traditionally in the habit of claiming rights and denouncing violations of the constitution, accepting limitations on liberty made by ministerial decree devoid of any legal basis and which even fascism couldn’t dream of imposing.

    It is evident — and government authorities themselves do not cease to remind us of it — that so-called “social distancing” will become the model of politics that awaits us, and that (as representatives of a so-called “task force” announced, whose members are in an obvious conflict of interest with the role that they are expected to exercise) advantage will be taken of this distancing to substitute digital technological apparatuses everywhere in place of human physicality, which as such becomes suspect of contagion (political contagion, let it be understood). University lessons, as MIUR has already recommended, will be stably online from next year; you will no longer recognize yourself by looking at your face, which might be covered with a mask, but through digital devices that recognize bio-data which is compulsorily collected; and any “crowd,” whether formed for political reasons or simply for friendship, will continue to be prohibited.

    At issue is an entire conception of the destinies of human society from a perspective that, in many ways, seems to have adopted the apocalyptic idea of the end of the world from religions which are now in their sunset. Having replaced politics with the economy, now in order to secure governance even this must be integrated with the new paradigm of biosecurity, to which all other exigencies will have to be sacrificed. It is legitimate to ask whether such a society can still be defined as human or whether the loss of sensible relations, of the face, of friendship, of love can be truly compensated for by an abstract and presumably completely fictitious health security.

    May 11, 2020
    Giorgio Agamben

  6. What is written here is completely absurd. The author, you at least imagine what it is for a person who does not understand this topic to read such…. nonsense.

    • 90% of “COVID-19” reporting is nonsense. Mendo Voice is actually among the more honest of media outlets right now.

  7. “Out in force” tourists on the Coast…went to rite aid, packed w/ out-of -area cars, RVs…Etc.
    No distancing , or masks on many people…arrrgh! Is that why I stayed in quarantine for 31/2 months? Pretty scary out there.

    • You were placed under House Arrest because lying fanatics told you you “had to.”

      DON’T YOU GET IT, yet? Our rulers are pitting Americans against Americans over a FAKE threat? Look at your reaction…people doing nothing inherently wrong, but you are angry, even hateful toward them.

      Human beings NEED social interaction. Mass, perpetual “social distancing” is NOT living. It’s appropriate in a clinical setting, and for those with compromised immune systems. NOT for most people. And NOT for months. As for masks, the World Health Organization continues to advise NO MASKS for “healthy people.” Which “experts” do we obey, CDC/CDPH or WHO?

      These visitors to Mendo bring their money, and spend it here so that you (and I) can have the services we need via tax receipts. You are angry at them. Sit back and think about that. How many lies have “experts” told you in the last four months? How many times have they been hypocritical, even? Are you angry at them?

    • The only reason for you to quarantine yourself for 3 1/2 months is if you had an infectious disease or a seriously compromised immune system. If you weren’t sick, then you have only yourself to blame for buying into the lies… lies that keep mutating with every shift of the wind. Too bad you didn’t use your time in isolation to do some in-depth research instead of accepting what the MSM and phony “fact checkers” were spoon feeding everyone. Here’s some info on the masks you and so many others think are necessary to save humanity: https://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/dr-blaylock-face-masks-pose-serious-risks-healthy11

  8. I’d say that in a county with a population of over 86,000, 74 identified cases of flu over the last few months with no deaths, few hospitalizations and mostly asymptomatic is a very good sign that this scamdemic is pretty typical of flu season… except that it has been dragged out by the ridiculous isolation and masking orders that have had irreparable consequences on our economy and on the physical and mental health of so many.

  9. The 6/24 update includes a line chart of COVID cases in this county. Is the updated chart available directly from a county health source, or did you at Mendovoice generate the chart from numerical data reports from the county? If it’s from the county, please inform us of the source URL so we can check the latest info.

    • We made it. We’ve been keeping a spreadsheet with the county’s data.

  10. I want anyone who reads this to know that there are sane people in Ukiah/Mendocino county, people that value lives above the local economy, who wear masks and don’t follow lockstep with the Trump agenda, who don’t think it’s a “scamdemic”, who trust science over the scared feelings of morons grasping at straws and trying desperately to return to normalcy at any cost, who think that just because they don’t know anyone with the virus means it’s fake. The idiotic conspiracy theorists found in these comments are outliers. The shelter-in-place order has been effective (which is WHY the numbers are so low). Keep doing your part.

    • LOL, the reality is that the majority of Americans KNOW we’re being lied to each and every day by the “experts” and the “authorities,” and by Stockholm Syndrome “useful idiots” like yourself. Most people don’t believe in your cult doctrine, but go along to get along, including the idiotic thin sheet of cloth over the face “orders.”

      I have NEVER supported Trump or his real or alleged “agenda.”

      NO ONE here has said the virus is “fake.” That’s a Red Herring on your part. A tactic common with the extreme left, actually. The virus is real. The falsehoods undergirding the “Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with COVID-19” terror are what’s fake.

      As for “believing in science,” that’s something you extreme leftists do not. You know, the “men can ‘become women'” thing is anything BUT science. The BLM “protests” are not a danger amidst the COVID-19(84) fraud, but going to church is (allegedly) an act of mass murder. That’s not science. It’s called LYSENKO “science.”

      Oh, and if an extreme leftist such as yourself actually valued lives, Black or White, you’d be demanding Planned Barrenhood abortion slaughterhouses be closed immediately. But alas, just a “choice.”

      As for me, I will keep conveying the facts that our rulers don’t want people to know or think about.

    • Some of us have posted links to encourage research, as well as quotes by creditable experts and medical workers in the field—and I don’t mean Fauci, the guy who illegally funneled $3.5 million to the Wuhan lab during the Obama administration, nor the Ethiopian thug Ghebreyesus, the first head of the WHO with no medical training but plenty of experience in killing people. You, however, have offered nothing but lame insults and false claims of what you think you remember you maybe read that someone said. I know, I know… it can be so confusing to follow a logical train of thought at the same time you are lapping up every word of the official false, shape-shifting narrative. Truth can be a tough pill to swallow.

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