Authorities release the name of deceased man found at “Mendocino Magic” camping venue


2 thoughts on “Authorities release the name of deceased man found at “Mendocino Magic” camping venue

  1. My name is Nena Garcia. My son, Joshua Piszczek was the victim of drowning at last year’s Mendocino Magic Festival. This tragedy has affected our family deeply. During the course of the investigation my family and I spoke to law enforcement. We were told at the time that they were clearly aware that altho this festival is touted as a MUSIC festival they are aware that it is in fact a DRUG festival. My understanding is that this yearly event has been going on for many years. I would very much like the public to be made aware of the true nature of this event. Is there any chance that more publicity could be brought to light about this? Thank you.

  2. They won’t. They (L.E) don’t even look for the people who are locals who go missing around here. Some have been gone for years so although I know that you are experiencing deep sadness and excruciating pain in his death, Just feel glad they were in the mood to locate your child on that day. Because it is well known around this area that is considered lucky for those of us who are still searching and getting no assistance or answers. Very sorry for your loss

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